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Upcoming Events

Introduction to Native Language Reclamation

Saturdays Jaunary to April (Spring) 2024


Class Description

What is Language Revitalization and Reclamation and how does it apply to Indigenous (Native) Language
Communities? How do Native Language communities factor in Language Ecology, Language acquisition and socialization into our efforts to reclaim our Indigenous Languages? This class can help get those interested in learning more about community language work as it applies to Native language communities, including language ideology, methodology & pedagogy. This class will be taught by HMAC Executive Director Lisa Casarez. Registration will be through the Humanities ND website and will be posted to the website once it becomes available. 

Miráwagutée Híi Gacacée'sh

This will be the 2nd year Hiráaca Maa Aru Cáawi will be hosting this event, which includes acknowledging the changing of seasons and what it means for Hiráaca people.


An offering of cornballs are made to the river and prayers are said for safe passage before using or getting into the Missouri River. 

Miragutee Hii Gacacee'sh means Spring Arrival Honoring in the Hiraaca language. 

This event will consist of prayer & distribution of cornballs at the Earth Lodge (feel free to bring your own), before partcipants make a short trip to East Sibley Nature Park (down the road from UTTC) to make their offering, before coming back to the Earth Lodge for a meal. 

Miráwagutée Híi Gacacée'sh (3).jpg
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Charity Bingo Fundraiser 

Star Gifts & Coffee Lodge

Tuesday, March 26th, 2024


Come join us for some Bingo! 

44th Annual Siouan and Caddoan Language Conference Friday -Sunday May 24th to May 26th, 2024

SCLC44CFPv2 (1).jpg

The Siouan and Caddoan Languages Conference (SCLC) is an annual gathering of linguists, anthropologists, indigenous educators and scholars, and other researchers to promote the study of the Siouan and Caddoan language families. We welcome papers dealing with the study of these languages, but we frequently hear other papers dealing with the intersection of another field and language. Some of these other fields are, but not limited to, anthropology, archaeology, art, ethnography, ethnobotany, folklore, history, language education, linguistics,

music, Native studies, sociology,

and traditional beliefs.

Abstracts, proposals, questions or concerns can be sent to

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